YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube is the grand daddy of Influencer Marketing. The main benefit of YouTube influencer marketing is longevity – new consumers can be exposed to your brand years after the campaign ends.

YouTube Influencers

Integrated YouTube Video Sponsorship

We find the right influencer to include your brand into their normal content. The aim is to introduce your brand naturally, similar to product placement though in some campaigns your product or service may be included into the storyline of the influencer’s episode.

Dedicated YouTube Video Sponsorship

With this strategy the Influencer dedicates their entire episode to your brand. This requires more creative guidance and a longer more involved planning process.

Post-Roll End Card

These run at the end of the Influencer’s episode, and often include a call-to-action directing viewers to a landing page or your website.

Shout-Out Post

The influencer gives you mention in the course of their episode. An explicit nod to your product or brand.

Brought-To-You-By Sponsorship

Like the classic old TV ads, your brand will be mentioned by the influencer, or a placard displaying your brand name will be shown at the beginning of the video as a sponsor. This strategy is usually reserved for higher tier influencers.

Wear Cape Infleuncer Agency Endorsement

“We were extremely impressed with Wear Cape for our product launch. Their relationship with influencers, and insightful understanding of our brand really sets them apart.”

– Katherine Brain, StudyGyde

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At Cape Influencer Agency, we’re connected to a community of top social media marketing influencers across a broad range of verticals from food to fashion and music. We’re experts at new influencer outreach in your markets to reach your target customers and drive word-of-mouth engagement.

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