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4 Reasons and 4 Steps to Start Marketing on Tiktok

It is unarguable that Tiktok is getting more and more popular for entertainment and marketing purposes. Everytime we scroll our social media, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, at least one Tiktok video is slipped in our timeline. Some … Read the rest

The 4 crucial considerations when choosing your perfect Instagram influencer

If you’re business is just being formed, only beginning to enter the digital sphere, or even if it’s been online for a long time, it is crucial to consider finding the right kind of Instagram influencer to promote your brand.Read the rest

What Does Influencer Marketing Look Like In 2020?

The phenomenal proliferation of digital usage in recent times and more than ever in the year 2020, has unwaveringly amplified the need for businesses to adapt to this new landscape. So, the question is – are you doing it right? … Read the rest

Can Influencers Be Trusted?

Influencers have become big business in recent years and like all things on the up, there are mixed reports about their value, how influential they really are and how trustworthy they are. So, it’s perfectly natural that you should be … Read the rest