Careers @ Wear Cape

Careers at Wear Cape

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Current openings:

Essential Requirements:

  • 3 years of Python programming experience (please list examples of work done)
  • Experience designing and building web services
  • Experience with MongoDB and/or PostgreSQL
  • Good knowledge of sound software engineering practice (e.g. continuous integration and automated testing)

Knowledge in one or more of the following:

  • Natural language processing and domain-specific libraries/frameworks (e.g. NLTK, OpenNLP, CoreNLP, FastText)
  • Basic machine learning and statistics (e.g. some practical experience with the sklearn library), and/or with neural network frameworks (e.g. FastText, Caffe, Keras, TensorFlow etc.)
  • Processing data from social media

Location: Melbourne Australia

What the job involves

  • Consulting to brands on strategic influencer marketing campaigns
  • Building client relationships and loyalty
  • Creating influencer marketing campaigns from scratch including creative support, campaign planning, influencer selection, pricing, monitoring and KPI analysis.
  • Reporting to management
  • Mentoring


Essential Requirements

  • At least 3 years of Account Management or Sales experience in online media or relevant industry.
  • A successful track record of creating and managing influencer marketing campaigns.
  • A solid understanding of influencer marketing including relevant media KPIs
  • Know how to prioritize and manage workloads across multiple campaigns and/or clients.
  • Strong management skills and ability to manage client expectations.
  • Have a passion for social media marketing
  • Have a deep knowledge of social platforms – how they work.

Location: Melbourne Australia (valid working status is required)