Post Boosting

content boosting when running influencer marketing campaigns

Paid Amplification

Almost always we recommend content boosting when running influencer marketing campaigns. Content boosting involves us getting special access to the influencers’ accounts and using paid amplification techniques to help the content reach new ordinances outside of existing followers.

We’re experts at optimising the influencer’s content to reach new audiences, ensuring you get the maximum milage from your campaign spend.

Our Channel Expertise

Influencer Channel Expertise

Content Design, Full Editing and Production

As an optional extra, and depending on the campaign strategy, Wear Cape offers full-service content production including end-to-end storyboarding, set design, content production, filming, editing, posting and optimisation.

  • Storyboarding/Script writing

  • Filming/Photography

  • Creative development and cast direction

  • Graphic design/Illustration

  • Web Development/Landing Page design

  • Post production/content editing

  • Distribution/syndication

End-to-end Production

Content Design Full Editing and Production

Influencer Ambassador

Cape Influencers riding in a car


Ambassadors are influencers under contract to promote your brand over a six- or twelve-month period. Arrangements are made for the influencer to post content about your brand at set intervals, or a minimum number of times during a set period.

Having ambassadors on-call creates a consistent brand presence on social media,  and helps to build brand recognition and recall. The other benefit of employing ambassadors is lead time – reducing campaign spin-up time from weeks to just days.