We help you tell a better brand story

What we do

We’re a Viral Marketing & Influencer Management Agency

It’s not easy out there – thousands of marketing assets are uploaded to the internet every second.

To get noticed on the internet nowadays you need:
(1) the right strategy;
(2) the right content; and;
(3) the right partner in your corner.

Let us be your partner – strategy and content is what we do better than anyone else.

Original high engagement content fueled by influencer seeding. We build authentic content to fuel your growth.

Why we’re different

Marketing isn’t an art. It’s a science.

Creativity is important, but activating motives to share (word-of-mouth and engagement) requires a deep understanding of human psyche.

We are one of the few agencies in the world to use cognitive psychology to design and seed content. We are world leaders in word-of-mouth marketing, and our research is published in the world’s leading scientific journals.

We are members of the North American Association for Consumer Research, and we regularly present our research on at the Association for Consumer Research annual conference.

We use our proprietary knowledge combined with the latest research in social psychology to manage public perceptions and build favourable, strong, and unique brand identities.