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We design and execute full service influencer marketing campaigns.

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We have a proven workflow to ensure better results. We have the technology and experience to run high impact campaigns from strategy to execution.

  • We specialise in influencer specific campaigns, from hyper-local campaigns to hybrid brand activations and always-on ambassadorships.

  • We have access to the  Instagram and YouTube API, which means we’re able to find better influencers more finely aligned with your brand’s target customer.

  • Our technology enables us to build detailed influencer profiles including authentic engagement,  fake followers, and deep insights into their audience (your target customer).

  • Our unique Brand-Boost™ offering enables us to increase the frequency and duration of exposure of your influencer branded content to maximise brand recognition and brand consideration.

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Influencer Marketing Management

We offer a variety of advanced influencer driven social media campaign strategies to suit your goals. Here is a sample of some of our more popular offerings.

  • Instagram Live

    We onboard influencers who are experienced running and promoting high engagement live events. Typically done on Instagram, live events are ideal for product demonstrations or event coverage, and fostering real-time customer interactions.

  • Hyper-local campaigns

    Suited to offline businesses and events, hyper-local campaigns invite influencers to your location to produce authentic and highly engaging experiential content. A powerful way to produce highly diffused social media buzz.

  • Instagram Story Polls

    Influencer run polls is an effective strategy for activating brand consideration. They have very high engagement rates – much higher than regular posts – and shift consumer decision making from awareness to actual consideration – one step away from purchase!

  • Ambassadorship

    Typically, Ambassadorship campaigns involve multiple social media posts over time depicting your brand embedded into the lives of an influencer. They’re great for demonstrating how brands can become part of people’s lives, and for building brand recall from repeated exposure.

  • Paired Feed Story

    These are Instagram specific campaigns and combine static images in an influencer’s feed with related content in their story. It’s a powerful way to develop an holistic brand presence, and demonstrate brand usage scenarios.

  • Blanket Feed Campaign

    This strategy relies on coordinated single postings from a network of influencers who share your target market. It’s a great way to generate ‘buzz’ about a brand or product launch, and generate content for further syndication. Sustained brand building!

  • Hybrid Brand Activations

    This is where we get word out about the offline experience through social media (events, sponsorships, attendances). We use our technology to recruit local influencers attending the event and post about your brand.

  • Brand Resonance Campaigns

    Influencers create experiences that are directly associated with your brand’s points of parity and points of difference. We collaborate with the influencer to guide this process, to create content that builds strong positive and unique associations about your brand.

  • Lead Generation Campaigns

    Using Instagram ‘swipe-up’ features, we use influencers to drive traffic to a landing page on your website. We then setup retargeting features to move potential leads through your sales funnel.

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Find the right influencer

We look beyond the follower count, and focus on credibility, expertise and brand fit.

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Micro influencers

Have less that 25k followers, and are often found in niche circles. They’re often highly specialised in an interest, hobby, or skill group. Very often have relatively high engagement rates.

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Great for creating brand awareness or for that extra special occasion.

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Social media stars with a large following (usually in excess of 200k followers).

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Power-middle influencers

On their way to becoming stars, and tend to have exceptional engagement rates.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone on social media who has a large number of followers. There are several types of influencers, including ‘nano influencers’ with relatively small but loyal followings, through to ‘macro influencers’ with many thousands of followers. Influencers are often thought leaders or trend setters.

Is influencer marketing effective?

Influencer marketing works on word-of-mouth, which is extremely effective. Several studies have suggested that consumers trust recommendations from other consumers, people they know, and people they respect, more than they trust traditional brand messages from a brand.

Is influencer marketing the best?

It is often argued that ‘word-of-mouth’ is king, because consumers trust what other consumers say about a brand more than they trust marketing messages directory from the brand. Influencer marketing is a form of word-of-mouth marketing and can be extremely effective when used the right way.

Do I have control over what an influencer says about us?

If influencer matching is done correctly, the chosen influencer will highlight and emphasise the benefits of your product, service, or brand. We work with influencers to create compelling high engagement content to enhance perceptions of your brand, never to damage it.