Wear Cape Case Studies

Behavioural Science

A Selection of our World-Class Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Strategic Influencer Marketing Campaigns designed to foster sustained word-of-mouth and viral spread.


How Berlin are you influencer campaign

How Berlin are You?

Aldi partnered with Wear Cape to build affinity for Aldi Nord chain discount stores (this campaign was conducted in Berlin Germany).

Psychometrics were used to construct a simple but fun questionnaire to measure “How much of a Berliner are you?”. The questionnaire ranked everyone according to ‘Berliner-ness’ and mapped out which suburbs in Berlin were more ‘Berlin’ than others.

The taste of drowning

O’Neill partnered with Wear Cape to create awareness for their 2021 life jacket range and water safety.

Popup beverage stands were installed near boat jetty sites and yacht clubs, giving away a free new beverage (actually sea water!) we called “emevas” (‘Save Me’ spelt backwards).


The Taste of Drowning influencer campaign thumb


Silence is not consent campaign

Silence is not consent

Australia has one of the highest sexual assault rates in the world. Lululemon partnered with Wear Cape to create awareness and support for recent legislation making sexual consent mandatory.