Influencer Talent Management

We recruit influencers and creators with a solid presence (minimum 5000 followers) on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.

We help you succeed.

If you’re a social media creator and have a significant following – we help you earn your living. We want you to be a social media star. We introduce you to brands, negotiate your contracts, grow your network, and help you to produce unreal content. We help you to build your personal brand.

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Influencer Outreach

What we offer influencers and creators

Access to brands

Access to Brands

We work with well-known brands who are looking for people just like you. We handle contract negotiation, syndication rights, partnership deals, and more. So you can focus on what you do best.

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management

We deal with your content protection so you get the recognition and revenue you deserve, including brand contracts, syndication deals, and media sales.

Career Support

Career support

We care about your future. We offer individual advice and best practice strategies for growing your audience and maximising your engagement.


Got a question? Likely the answer is here. If not, feel free to drop us a line.

Basically, we connect brands with influencers. We also produce high quality content for brands and seed that content through our influencer network. We recruit and manage the best influencers, and run high impact brand activation campaigns.

We have two categories of influencers: Macros who make a living from their channels (100,000+ followers), and Micros who have a sizable and active online social community (> 5000 followers). We are selective who we choose for our full-time management program, but we do promote rising stars from our micro-pool if we think they have potential.

The amount of revenue you make depends on the nature of the campaign, your audience, and KPI responsiveness. For each campaign we’ll make it crystal clear what the targets are, and we take care of all the contractual obligations with the brands. Generally, the stronger your engagement with your followers, the more work you will get (we do have minimum requirements).

We pay at the beginning of each month to your PayPal account.

No. Although we do have a selection process for some of our talent management services.

We give you access to brands and negotiate the best deal for you.

We take care of brand contracts including terms, payment, and syndication deals. For some, we help you to grow your career as an influencer, and if you get promoted to our full-time club you get access to collabs with fellow influencers to grow your followers and status, and one-to-one management with people who will guide you to success.

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