Influencer Talent Management

Why Join Wear Cape?

Work with International Brands

As an influencer talent management agency, we work with international brands, and if you’re a good fit we’ll recommend you. You’re always in control – you’re never obliged to accept a brand collab – and you’re always free to make the final decision.

Get Exposure

We want you to increase your exposure, because when you do good, we do good. We’re expert Marketers so we’ll make sure you’re the Star you deserve to be!

Amazing Creative Briefs

Our creative briefs are good. Like, really good. Take it from a Mega Influencer we worked with recently:
“The brief was on point! So easy to visualise some creative content. Looking forward to working with you on this campaign!”

Better Contract Negotiation

Brands are expert negotiators, but so are we. We take the hassle out of contract negotiations to get you the best deal. No more ‘can you post this for a free[lipstick/book/candle]’ BS. We’ll pay you what you’re worth, and negotiate proper content syndication and licencing rights for you.

Career Advice

We’re here for you, and ready to help grow your brand. We know what brands want, and what they look for (tip: it isn’t bikini shots or political statements). We can advise you on how to sell yourself better to grow your following and become more attractive to brands.

Cape Influencer

Influencer talent management

How to Apply

We’re looking for TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram Influencers with a solid presence and a growing profile (minimum 20k followers).

  • Step 2

    All registrations are checked by our quality assurance team.

  • Step 3

    We’ll be in touch about brand collabs and depending on who you are, promotion opportunities.

The Australian Influencer Marketing Industry Report 2021

How we Work

When we get a new campaign, we will contact you if you’re a good fit. If you agree, we’ll send you a Scope of Work contract and Creative Brief that outlines what is required, and detailed guidance on what the client is looking for.

Projects may be as simple as recording a 15 second infeed video, or complex assignments that require a production team.

Of course, we always leave you plenty of scope and freedom to do what you do best – create!

You’re never locked into any campaign – you’re free to choose projects that align with your interests and availability.

Influencer Management Agency

What We’re Very Good At

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We take care of all your negotiations with brands, including contracting, price per clip, and content licencing, and syndication rights. To get you the best deal.

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management

We deal with your content protection so you get the recognition and revenue you deserve, including brand contracts, syndication deals, and media sales.

Career Support

Career support

So you’ve got a huge following, now what? We can offer you advice and guidance on how you can take the next steps to success.

Influencer and Creator Registration

Register as a Wear Cape Influencer.

Influencer talent management