We’re an Influencer marketing agency

Established in 2019

Our Story

“Billboards are great for convincing people you’ve got money, but if you wanna make money you gotta go social with people they respect” -Dr Brent Coker

Wear Cape was born in 2019, though we have over a decade of experience advising on some of the world’s most viral marketing campaigns.

Our background is in consumer experimental psychology. Our adviser Dr Brent Coker is a world leading expert on Viral Marketing. He was the first in the world to develop an algorithm to explain and predict viral marketing, and continues to publish in the world’s leading peer review journals, speaking at events around the world, and consulting to some of the worlds most well-known brands.

What matters to us

Science matters

Science matters

We know from decades, and in some cases centuries of research that humans behave in relatively predictable ways. Creativity is extremely important when it comes to marketing, but underlying effective campaigns is careful thought given to stimulus affecting judgement and decision making. We use proprietary and not-so-well known knowledge from ethology to social psychology – because  we know it works.



It’s important to us that everybody, particularly our clients, knows what’s expected, what’s going on, and the likelihood and nature of what will happen. We’re scientists at heart – accuracy and effectiveness is a function of full disclosure and having everyone on the same page.

Quality first

Quality first

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a global brand – we’ll dedicate the same effort and brain power no matter who you are. All our clients are important to us – after all – you chose us!