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Building an elite Instagram influencer campaign in 3 easy steps

Influencer marketing is gradually becoming the most powerful method when the firm looks to boost its business engagement on social media. It is a process in which clients pay for social media influencers to promote their products through influencers’ high-engaged followers and delicate content. While Instagram is a critical platform when clients consider launching their campaigns, it widely targets multiple audiences and dominates the main position among all the social media platforms.

We typically sort influencers into three tiers according to the number of their followers:

Micro-Influencers (10,000 followers), Meso/Mid-tier Influencers (between 20,000 and 100,000 followers), and Macro/celebrity Influencers (more than 1 million followers). Different influencer marketing campaigns will also choose a different group of influencers to maximise campaign effectiveness.

Are you looking for how to start your journey on an Instagram campaign? The following 3 steps will quickly help you to build a clearer mind on how to set up the best Instagram campaign for your business. Don’t hesitate to provide your own opinions to us!


  • Review & Seeding
  • Sponsored Content
  • Product Collaboration

Building up the momentum for your product: Review & Seeding

Starting with a low-cost method of seeding influencers of your product, it is a process that clients send the product to influencers, and they will randomly post on their Instagram or stories with pictures or interspersed in their content.

Brands don’t need to invest too much money upfront, thus seeding is the best way to market while keeping costs low and also getting visible deliverables. In this stage, the client should barely focus on selecting the Micro-Influencers because this group would
not ask for any payment.

But does that mean they are not helpful? Not Really! Micro-Influencers normally may have higher credibility than Macro-Influencers because there is no paid step, they are also much less psychologically stressful for the influencers. More authentic and organic sharing of products will boost audiences’ trust.

This is what most brands will use when placing advertisements because there are not many barriers. The client can send out their products to a bunch of influencers at the same time and then receive multiple feedback without complex communication steps between influencers. This is also a good opportunity for brands to have further contact with influencers in the future. (4)

In general:

  • Low cost and convenient
  • Quick and massive responses
  • Higher Credibility

High concentrated to go viral: Sponsored content

Now is the time for you to invest! Sponsored content is the client paying for influencers to advertise their products. Instead of secretly invading the public, sponsored content brightly showcasing this is an ADVERTISEMENT but in a more gentle and acceptable manner.

Sponsored content is usually a way of incorporating into an Instagram post or short reel, it normally caters to the influencer’s attributes but also under the client’s scope. The firm will provide their expectations and topics first, and then influencers should link themselves to the theme. Sponsored content can impress the audience in a more trusting way due to its narrative and storytelling, which can make customers feel related and then enhance engagement with the brand.

When your business goes into a growing stage and you have the budget for promotion, it is time to pay for content.

Meso-Influencers and Macro-Influencers would be better to fit in this stage, which is also followed by a relatively higher payment. Given it is a real transaction, influencers have obligation to provide professional content related to the products and clients also have full control to intervene in the content.

In order to achieve the most immediate effect, sponsored content is usually placed simultaneously on multiple influencers in a fixed period. During the advertising period, audiences will be more aware of the brand and will also automatically have a brain memory of the product.

In general:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • High product arousal

Final Acceleration: Product Collaboration

The final step to hit the spot! Collaborating with influencers gives the audience more opportunities to choose their preferences.

Product Collaboration aims to incorporate influencers into the design process, which can drop a unique edition to consumers. At the same time, because it is a limited edition, it will also arouse the curiosity and shopping desire of more customers.

Who doesn’t like to watch their favourite two brands work together? It is also a win-win opportunity for brands.


Here is an example of product collaboration in the China influencer market. Savislook is the top Chinese fashion influencer, and she launched the joint collection with MISSOMA last year. As one of the top fashion bloggers in China, Savi is a priority for many brands to enter the Chinese market. In addition to the already highly compatible brand tone, the purchasing power of Savi’s fans is also relatively high, so it can bring decent sales for the brand.

However, it must be admitted that to achieve a satisfactory result, there would be a higher payment to the chosen influencers at this stage. Meanwhile, the process of hunting for the most suitable influencer is also studied. The firm must consider the top area with a high degree of brand relevance and good adaptability, otherwise, it may lead to an opposite track.

Product Collaboration is supposed to have a long time to do marketing research and preparation in the previous stage because it needs to invest a lot of money and time and scale.

If the preliminary work is in place, then the effect of the latter is also unlimited.


  • Driving sales and traffic
  • Hunger marketing
  • Win-win business


Every day we will see people browsing the webpages or clicking hundreds of sites, searching up on the internet before purchasing seems already become a habitat.

Influencers can help you to drive sales, improve brand awareness, and go viral. The strength of influencer marketing is not to be underestimated nowadays, people are more reliant on influencers’ ideas and the internet when they make a decision.

For a brand that wants to promote itself through Instagram, the three steps above are the most basic step-by-step approaches to achieving your goal. Not only on Instagram but can be also utilized on other social media as these methods are core to making an influencer marketing campaign.

Now you may have a primary idea about how to start out, please leave your stories on the influencer marketing journey, and let’s see how you are doing!

Jadyn Huang
Jadyn Huang

Jadyn Huang is a current 3rd year marketing major student at The University of Melbourne under the faculty of business and economics. She worked as a social media assistant before in one of the biggest Chinese social media platformsÑÑRED and shared her thoughts on influencer marketing. You can find her more daily lives on Instagram: @timtimwogn