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How to use Twitch Influencer Marketing in 2022

In 2022, an increasing number of brands recognise that Twitch has become one of the new hottest platforms to reach massive audiences. The dominance of traditional social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter means that many marketers are … Read the rest

Top 5 Influencer Marketing Trends

Influencer marketing trends you need to know about to grow brand awareness within your upcoming 2022 social media campaign.

Amongst the noise of “Social-distancing measures”, “New normal” and “Toilet paper shortages”, there is one thing for certain, businesses have learnt … Read the rest

Tips for Successful Marketing on TikTok in 2022

From its inception in September 2017, TikTok has taken over the digital world as the number one social media platform to share short-form mobile videos with 2.5 million Australian users in 2021. Through TikTok’s intricate algorithms, users are presented with … Read the rest

How to Advertise on Spotify

When you think of Spotify, you think of jamming to your current favourite tracks on repeat – whether it’s at the gym, at home, or even in the car on the way to work. Except Spotify isn’t just another streaming … Read the rest

Personal Branding for Introverts

The thought of putting yourself out there for the whole world to see is daunting for most people. For the introvert, it can feel super overwhelming. Luckily, it’s actually not as tricky as you’d think… There are heaps of ways … Read the rest

Why Some Influencer Marketing Campaigns Work and Others Don’t

Influencer marketing can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy, but it can also be a good way to burn money if not done right!

Here’s what we have learnt over the years: why influencer marketing doesn’t always work!… Read the rest

Influencer Marketing in 2021: What’s Changed and How to Succeed

Influencer marketing is a constantly evolving industry, and this year has been no different.

So much of the world of business and human interaction moved online amidst the global effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This provided a lot … Read the rest

Brand Ambassadors: Everything You Need to Know

Brand ambassadors have an important role to play in the world of influencer marketing.

In an age where digital marketing strategies are some of the most effective tools a company can use to promote itself, it’s worth knowing exactly … Read the rest

How to Run an Influencer Campaign on Snapchat

How to Run an Influencer Campaign on Snapchat

40% of Australian consumers are more likely to buy a product if they see an influencer posting about it. Influencer marketing is a vital strategy for your business as consumers are more likely to buy a product that’s advertised by someone … Read the rest

The 4 Most Important Things to Look For When Choosing an Influencer

The 4 Most Important Things to Look For When Choosing an Influencer

Hiring an influencer can do great things for your business – but it’s not always as simple as it sounds.

As an influencer marketing agency, Wear Cape have barrels of experience when it comes to hiring influencers. This means we … Read the rest