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Infleuncer Marketing Myths

8 Myths About Influencer Marketing as we move into 2020

Influencer Marketing is still a powerful way to seed great content…
How to be an influencer

How to Become an Influencer in 2020

It’s everybody’s dream job – getting paid by brands to…
Instagram Research

Instagram Research (December 2019): Does having a business account lower your engagement?

Abstract: Instagram has a clear incentive to lower organic engagement…
Voice Search and what it means for your brand

Voice Search – Knowing this one thing could save your brand

Voice search is the future, there’s no doubt about that. Perhaps…
Dr Brent Coker Going Viral Framework

The 3 most essential elements in Dr Coker’s Going Viral marketing framework

The Going Viral Framework is the culmination of 8 years…
The Psychology of Colour

The psychology of colour – 5 effects on human behaviour you didn’t know about

Colour affects people’ judgements, decision making, perceptions,…
Underdog Strategy

3 necessary elements for an underdog strategy

The underdog technique is a powerful method for increasing word-of-mouth…
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