Best Ads 2020 – The COVID Edition

The Best Ads of 2020! [COVID Edition]

In 2019 have you ever thought you would be wearing a surgical mask in public? That’s 2020 – the year which will have a huge chapter in our history book. This pandemic has made us learn a lot of things about life and changed the way we live. No one knows when things will come back to normal. But the only thing which we can do is to have HOPE and try to find out ways to motivate each other.

This virus has not only affected us but also brands, around whom we are surrounded all the time. It has changed the way businesses are running today and made a lot of them run out of business. So, how are brands adapting themselves in such an abnormal environment?

Brands have become a part of our culture, our lives, the way we do things and now they have an even bigger role. Brands are thinking of creative ways to encourage their public to practice the norms of hygiene, social distancing, staying home and helping others in need (How do brands, 2018).

So today we are going to showcase some of the most creative ads from all around the world that have a deep meaning and will encourage each one of us to follow the general norms under this pandemic.

Sharing is Caring

KFC– “F for Sharing

Sharing is Caring KFC ad

Recognising the hard work of delivery people since the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown across the world, KFC asked them to visit their families with some delicious KFC food. Just like many of them haven’t seen their families in months, and when they finally do, the emotion is priceless. Geometry Creative Commerce Agency created this beautiful piece of content for KFC that uses emotional appeal through visuals and background music (KFC F for Family, 2020). 

Social Responsibility

Heineken Back to the Bars

Social Responsibility Heineken - Back to the Bars

From air hugs, elbow bumps to social distancing rules this advert by Heineken is defining the new normal by teaching people about how to behave when they are in a bar now. Italy was one of the worst-hit countries in the world during this pandemic, but now the bars are back, only, with new standard rules. Publicis Italia has created this short and fun to watch guideline video for maximum fun and safety.

Not all heroes wear capes

Dove Courage is beautiful

Not all heroes wear capes Dove ad

Communicating corporate social responsibility activities undertaken by the company is critical. It helps create a positive and emotional reaction towards the brand. Dove has donated up to $5 million, and this advert is showing how they are thankful and care for all the front-line heroes. Film advertisement created by Ogilvy, Canada for Dove.

Out of the Box

Uber Thank you for not riding

Out of the Box Uber ad

Uber depends on people moving, well, unfortunately, because of COVID-19, we can’t, and Uber is thanking us for not riding with them. This advert is smart as they used the whole situation to express gratitude and win customer’s hearts. That’s a brilliant “pivot. Additionally, the ad got backed up by a pledge of $10 million worth of free rides and food for front line workers. Well done, Uber. Wieden Kennedy was the ad agency behind this ad for Uber, USA.

Netflix & Chill

Netflix #staythefuckhome

Netflix and Chill ad

Well, Netflix is one of the most popular apps during COVID lockdowns. People have been catching up on all the entertainment. And they love their favourite shows. But for those who are adamant about going outside, Netflix is going to give you spoilers. The treat of spoilers is to stop millennials from being tempted to socialise and encouraging them to binge Netflix instead.

Clean Business

Pornhub #cleanestpornever

Clean Business Pornhub Ad

Porn has been the most triggering industry in this global stay-at-home pandemic. Pornhub has launched “cleanest porn ever” camping, to educate the viewers on ways to stay hygienic. It’s a series of instructional videos on Youtube that educates the masses about do/don’t during a pandemic while still being able to maintain a healthy sexual outlook. This Digital advertisement is created by Officer & Gentleman, Spain, for PornHub (PornHub,2020).

That Good Difference

ALDI Precedent prices

That Good Difference Aldi ad

No matter how much unprecedented times get, Aldi’s prices are always going to be precedent. Aldi is known for its low prices, and it doesn’t matter to them how much money they can make during tough times, they stick to their motto, that is why Aldi is, “Good different”. This brilliant advert is developed by one of the most effective Ad agency – BMF

Touch me not

Mcdonald’s #touchthis

The paranoia of touching things is real during times of COVID-19. McDonald Germany is reminding people of their app, the perfect way for contactless order and pay during such times. Track Branding Agency created this ad for Mcdonalds that is using Humour appeal to make the information fun to watch for their target audience.

Some notable mentions

These ads are not by any brands but they have high relevance to the social and cultural behaviours happening around the world due to COVID-19.

We are Asians

The Chinese virus

Racism in America is not surprising. Since the global onset of COVID-19 and the fury ignited as President Donald Trump addressed the COVID-19 as “the Chinese virus” in March 2020, hate crime and charges towards Asian communities have been off the charts. They have been humiliated, shouted on, kicked, punched, spitted on and yelled at through no fault of their own. This film advertisement by Miami Ad School is throwing light on what Asians have the right to be proud of: food, culture, heritage, hardest workers and the BRAVEST MEDICAL STAFF on the front line amidst this pandemic.

New York State Metropolitan transportation authority #stateofrespect

New York State Metropolitan transportation authority

NYC, once became the epicentre for America’s coronavirus outbreak and the New York State Metropolitan transportation authority has a simple message, WEAR A MASK! The Conquistadors Collective is an agency specialised in design and branded entertainment, and their work was running in 8000 locations across New York State MTA, Metro-North and LIRR.

A common trend

logo separation trend

A common trend noticed among major brands around the world was a separation or distancing in the elements of their logo to convey the need for social distancing.  It has been impactful reflecting how powerful the pandemic had been that it made the strongest brands to modify their very own identity.

These ads have made it to the top of our list of Best Ads 2020 after rigorous research. Each of the ad though revolves around the Pandemic situation yet showcases different chapters of it beautifully and differently. Fear of not moving out of the house or incentive to stay at home 😉, empowering a race or appreciating the effort of frontline workers each of the ads touches upon certain elements that enhances the emotions and response in the viewers. After watching the above ads, these have become our favourite brands.

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