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Top 5 Influencer Marketing Trends

Influencer marketing trends you need to know about to grow brand awareness within your upcoming 2022 social media campaign.

Amongst the noise of “Social-distancing measures”, “New normal” and “Toilet paper shortages”, there is one thing for certain, businesses have learnt … Read the rest

Tips for Successful Marketing on TikTok in 2022

From its inception in September 2017, TikTok has taken over the digital world as the number one social media platform to share short-form mobile videos with 2.5 million Australian users in 2021. Through TikTok’s intricate algorithms, users are presented with … Read the rest

5 Reasons to use Instagram Takeovers


We are all well aware of Instagram’s domination since entering the social media sphere in 2012. In fact – I’m sure most of you reading this right now have been guilty of one too many hours scrolling on Instagram.

But, … Read the rest

Why Some Influencer Marketing Campaigns Work and Others Don’t

Influencer marketing can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy, but it can also be a good way to burn money if not done right!

Here’s what we have learnt over the years: why influencer marketing doesn’t always work!… Read the rest

How to Run an Influencer Campaign on Snapchat

How to Run an Influencer Campaign on Snapchat

40% of Australian consumers are more likely to buy a product if they see an influencer posting about it. Influencer marketing is a vital strategy for your business as consumers are more likely to buy a product that’s advertised by someone … Read the rest

The 4 Most Important Things to Look For When Choosing an Influencer

The 4 Most Important Things to Look For When Choosing an Influencer

Hiring an influencer can do great things for your business – but it’s not always as simple as it sounds.

As an influencer marketing agency, Wear Cape have barrels of experience when it comes to hiring influencers. This means we … Read the rest

How influencer marketing capitalises on basic human desires

How does someone you’ve never met, never spoken to and never seen in real life make you trust them? Why do we believe in a person’s expression of opinion so highly, as opposed to an ad telling us something? It … Read the rest

Why should your brand use Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Influencer Marketing?

The rise of Influencer Marketing

Once upon a time, successful advertising was all about artistic flair, creativity, and financial power. Throw enough money at an advertising agency to produce an engaging 30 second television advertisement, along with some eye-catching print … Read the rest

How to use influencer marketing in China

In recent years, Tiktok, Kuaishou,  Livestreams and other video-sharing social networking services have rapidly emerged in China.  Which brings huge business opportunities and creates a huge opportunity for large-scale viral marketing as a new way to promote the sales of … Read the rest

How Spotify’s In-App Offers Makes It The Next Big Influencer Platform

Spotify’s new feature allows advertiser links to be directly embedded into podcasts’ episode pages with visual reminders. This seemingly minor update opens up unexplored opportunities for advertisers to engage with influencers’ audiences.

It’s old news that podcasts are the next … Read the rest